I love fanart, since it's fun to see how other people interpret my characters.  Whether it's drawn by the person a character was based on, a really amusing guest comic, or just a great interpretation of a character, I love to see what my stories inspire other people to do.  So if you ever feel like drawing fanart, feel free to e-mail it to me, or else post it on my forums.  My comic strip is now finished, but I will continue to post fanart here if anyone still wishes to create it.  :)


Tiny Alassa (by Sharm)
Tiny Aylia (by Sharm)
Tiny Jenny (by Sharm)
Tiny Mother (by Sharm)
Tiny X (by Sharm)
Aylia Dancing (by Vick330)
Felincia Goes Semi-Punk (by Emily Addiego)
Aylia has an Idea (by Vick330)
Loretta (by Lori-Ann)
Aylia and Her Mother Arguing (by Elizabeth Clark)
Loretta and Her Swords (by Vick330)
Felincia and the Gorgon (by Rebecca JJ)
Lots of Characters, part 1 (by Brittany)
Lots of Characters, part 2 (by Brittany)
Lots of Characters, part 3 (by Brittany)
Lots of Characters, part 4 (by Brittany)
X in Anime (by Kacey)
Jenny's Dress (by Thomas Whaples)
Loretta Names her Sword (by Kacey)
The Gorgon (by Vick330)
Victoria (by Rebecca JJ)
Victoria and Mordran (by Rebecca JJ)
Write More Down (by Crystal Blake)
Gorgon Running (by Eliza Clark)
Beware of Werewolves (by Eliza Clark)
Lullela (by Vick330)
Smirking Gorgon (by Sharm)
Gavin (by Vick330)
Cecelia, Human and Dragon (by Vick330)
Aylia Animation (by Vick330)
Daria and the Sages (by Vick330)
X Animation (by Vick330)
Daria (by Shada)
Daria Animation (by Vick330)
Kuralla (by Vick330)
Albert and Jenny (by Vick330)
Sissy and Daria (by Jessica Harmon)
Alassa Gets on Aylia's Nerves (by Vick330)
Chemistry Fairy (by Alicorn)
Scaly Baby (by Alicorn)
Kuralla and Her Prophecies (by Alicorn)
Felincia Transforming (by Ben)
Pretty Lullela (by Alicorn)
Birthday Bracelet (by Eliza Clark)
X and Loretta (by Shadow Dragonia)
X Takes a Nap (by Ben)
Boom (by Mighty Mouse)
Felincia and the Full Moon (by Vick330)
Loretta's Daydream (by Shadow Dragonia)
Never Make Aylia Angry (by Vick330)
Animated Lullela (by Vick330)
A Furry Roommate (by Vick330)
Cecelia and Gavin (by Shadow Dragonia)
Decorating the Tree (by Vick330)
1,000th Strip Celebration (by Vick330)
Mohawk Love (by Emily Ryan)
Linnea (by Alicorn)
Daria the Explorer (by Vick330)
Oracle Advice (by K B-or-D)
Elegant Aylia (by Sharm)
Turning the Page (by Sharm)
Loretta with Her Fire Sword (by Ben)
No Such Thing (by Alicorn)
Daria at the Mall (by Elizabeth Clark)
Carolynn's Christmas Carol (by Vick330)
Daria's Caramel Dancen (by Vick330)
Daughter of Dragons (by Vick330)
First Fanart (by Sharm)
Carolynn's Thanks (by Elizabeth Clark)
Loretta and Lionel (by Matthew Clark)
Loretta and Elan (by Matthew Clark)
Blowfish Distraction (by Shada)
Aylia Reading (by Sharm)
Lettie Snaps (by Masterweaver)
Sword Dancing (by Alicorn)
Fire Cavern (by Ben)
The Gorgon and the Other Gorgon (by Alicorn)
X, the Student (by Crystal Blake)
Ten Characters (by Roland Hansson)
Felincia (by Torechwen)
Elsseran (by Alicorn)
Interspecies Chromosomal Differences (by Masterweaver)
Thirteen Characters (by Roland Hansson)
The Great Naga (by Masterweaver)
Linnea and Eric (by Alicorn)
Felincia, Reg, and the Baby (by Nova Dragon)

Guest Comics

Guest Comic #1 (by Vick330)
Guest Comic #2 (by Kacey)
Guest Comic #3 (by Jessica Harmon)
Guest Comic #4 (by Crystal Blake)
Guest Comic #5 (by K B-or-D)
Guest Comic #6 (by Shadow Dragonia)
Guest Comic #7 (by Vick330)
Guest Comic #8 (by K B-or-D)
Guest Comic #9 (by Alicorn)
Guest Comic #10 (by Vick330)
Guest Comic #11 (by K B-or-D)
Guest Comic #12 (by Matthew Clark)
Guest Comic #13 (by Dawnasquirrel)


Nowhere University
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(Took place during Strip #691 to Strip #724.)

Fanart I've Done

Sangwine and Bactine (for LinT)
Lerikhen (for Syzygy)
Rapunzel Ray, Mark Two (for LinT)
Alice's Birthday (for Nowhere University)
Fun with Cosplay (for The Last Hope)
Alex and Matt (for The Dementia of Magic)
Pichi Pichi Cosplay (for Nowhere University)
Blaze of Glory (for Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama)
Bryony and Reaper (for Catena)
Unwelcome Distractions (for Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama)
The Matriarch's Birthday Present (for Corner Alley 13)
Can I Keep It? (for Hi to Tsuki to Hoshi no Tama)
At the Convention (for Weregeek)
What Trip Wire? (for The Hero's Handbook)
Christmas Preparations (for The Sealed Gate)