Regular extras are pencil sketches that I drew in a small sketchbook kept in my purse most of the time.  Some are original character designs, some are scenes that didn't fit into the storyline canonically, some belong to various backstories, and some are funny ideas that worked better as a one-panel thing.  

Colored extras are inked pieces of various strips (with one exception) that I decided I wanted to color.  In most cases, I was coloring the characters to figure out what they should look like for their eventual front view in the characters page.  In other cases, I just wanted to color things.

Special extras are random unique things to represent every main character.  Felincia's takes place after the end of the story; the rest take place during it.  Each one contains at least one original picture, and most of them are silly activities.

           Original character sketches
           More original character sketches
           Felincia's sister visits Jenny
           Felincia meets the mermaid
           Jenny's happy dream
           Nicole's happy dream
           Alassa gets a roommate
           Jenny is upset with Aylia
           Jenny's mother meets X
           X's first explosion
           The return of the mermaid
           Felincia's brother and sister
           Aylia on rainy days
           Shoulder angel/shoulder demon
           Jenny dresses Felincia up
           Jenny dresses Felincia up again
           Felincia threatens Jenny
           Felincia gets a little annoyed
           X goes into first grade
           Little X and Alexis
           X goes to college
           Felincia partially transformed
           Aylia, confused
           Felincia is annoyed again
           Having fun with Shakespeare
           Loretta's happy dream
           Albert and Felincia's first date
           Loretta sees a display case
           Loretta and the family seamstress
           Loretta visits her little brother
           Loretta's brother is not impressed
           Loretta's brother gets jealous
           Original character designs for Loretta
           First sketch of the Gorgon
           The Gorgon is not amused
           The Gorgon and her hair
           The royal Umbrian family
           Catching Jenny's bouquet
           Aylia dressing up for the wedding
           Alassa dressing up for the wedding
           The roommates at the wedding
           The roommates as little kids
           How Aylia's parents met
           Little Aylia and Alassa
           First sketch of Daria
           Daria the enthusiastic
           Daria discovers the microwave
           Daria discovers the freezer
           Suzanna irking Felincia
           The Oracle and the fake
           Jessi meets Gavin
           Character designs for X's mom
           X and Alexis at the wedding
           Alexis's dawning realization
           Alexis threatens to tell their mom
           X and Alexis back home
           Ecstatic two-year-old Aylia
           Three fairy roommates
           The Gorgon meets Felincia
           Posing for a royal painting
           Aylia punishes Sissy
           Sissy and Felincia's lunch
           Full-moon Felincia, original concept
           Character designs for Victoria
           First sketch of Kurthan
           First sketch of Elan
           Elan in fighting practice
           At the faculty lounge
           Carolynn, shapeshifted
           The multicolored fairy
           Flee the mermaid musician
           Character designs for Kuralla
           Kuralla's new crush
           Counselor Tranin meets Kuralla
           The Oracle of Lycanth
           Character designs for Stefanee
           Alassa, Felincia, and Reg
           Eric and Linnea character designs
           Elsseran's original character designs
           At Victoria's wedding
           Felincia's baby shower
           Lionel's latest pilot
           Loretta's spring-cleaning
           Second in line to succession

           Little X's Chemistry
           The Mermaid
           X with Wings
           Daria, the Dragon
           Daria in Human Form
           Kuralla Gasping
           The Gorgon
           Enraged Loretta
           Alassa and Bobby
           The Sages
           Aylia and Gavin
           Cecelia in Human Form
           Excited Lulella
           Winged X, Walking
           Stefanee in Gorgon Form
           Alassa the Brat
           Aylia Trying to Read
           Daria Being Silly
           Felincia's New Outfit

           Aylia's Rules for Chess
           The Loretta Paper Doll
           Nicole's Infallible Dating Tips!
           The Jenny and Albert Game
           The Prophecy of Daria
           X's Roommate Photo Album
           Punish Sissy
           Felincia's Baby Shower

           Annnnnnd . . .
           Fairy Color Worldbuilding Notes